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    Unleash your inner masterpiece with handpainted organza sarees

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    Unveil Your Unique Canvas of Style with our cotton chanderi saree

  • 16,800.00

    Dewdale Pure Silk Organza Saree” embodies elegance with its digitally printed design, transferring painted strokes onto luxurious silk fabric. Each delicate brushstroke adorns the saree, creating a mesmerizing visual. Inspired by nature’s tranquility, this saree captures the essence of dew-kissed mornings in a picturesque landscape, evoking timeless grace and sophistication

  • 4,800.00

    Elegance Brushed with Art: Hand-Painted Chanderi Sarees

  • 16,500.00

    This hand-painted silk saree flaunts a breathtaking display of seven resplendent hues. Each stroke of the artist’s brush creates a masterpiece of vibrant shades, weaving a mesmerizing tapestry of colors. Adorned in this artistic marvel, every wearer exudes elegance and grace, draped in a wearable work of art. Feature Hand-painted…

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    Orion Saree A Tussar silk saree, delicately hand-painted with brushstrokes, resonates with the tender emotions of cherished childhood memories and love. Inspired by nostalgia, its muted hues and subtle patterns evoke a sense of tranquility and simplicity, reminiscent of innocent joys and enduring affectionFeature Hand-painted Tussar Silk Wash Care  …

  • 16,100.00


    • Hand-painted
    • Pure silk

    Wash Care

    •         Dry Wash


    •       2-3 weeks


    • Hand-painted products may have slight design variations due to their unique nature.
    • Minor imperfections or irregularities are part of the handmade aesthetic.
    • Handle with care, as delicate artwork requires gentle washing and ironing.